How to shop online

We tried to make shopping at as easy as possible. Shopping online is fast and safe. With us, you can shop directly from the online store or by phone. Here is how:

Ordering from the online store

  1. Choose a main cathegory from the main menu.
  2. From the dropdown menu select an inside category. After selecing the desired sub cathegory you will see our products.
  3. Choose the desired product from the list. Most of the products have more than one photo so you can explore the product in detail.
  4. Some of the products are available in multiple combinations, sizes and colors. Check our size from the size chart.
  5. After selecting color and size if available you are ready to add this product to the shopping cart by pressing the "Add to cart" buton.
  6. After clicking on the "Add to cart" buton, you will thee the purchase window with the options - "Continue shopping" and "To checkout. If you want to shop for more products, select "Continue shopping". If you are ready with your order, click "To Checkout" and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Placing an order by phoneПоръчай по телефона

  1. Choose the desired product by using the above method. Write down the name of the product, the desired color and size on a piece of paper. Make the same with all the products you want to purchase. After that dial the numbers listed on the top of the page and tell the representative the products you are interested in. We will be glad to take your order by the phone.

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