Прозрачни Мъжки Чорапогащи 20ден
Прозрачни Мъжки Чорапогащи 20ден

Mens Tights Dynamic 20Denier

9.70 €

Brand: Tim Legwear

Dynamic men tights are 20 Den tights for men produced by TIM Legwear - Men hosiery collection. The additional Reinforced brief no fly opening panel of the Dynamic Men tights provides additional male comfort. This is a semi-sheer style mens tights with reinforced toe for protection and comfort.


  • Colors: Black, Beige,
  • Sizes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Transparant - 20Den
  • Content: 85% Poliamide, 15% Elastan.
  • Reinforced toe for more protection.
  • Reinforced brief no fly opening panel

Product code: 0276

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