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Fashion Hosiery

For all of our special customers we have unique collection of Sheer Tights and opaque thick tights. You can choose from control top, elegant fashion tights and Print & Patterned tights hosiery online. We are one of the few hosiery manufacturers that can offer you durable men tights online. Check out the great selection of fashion hosiery specially deisigned for you, so you can feel the comfort and quality.

Hosiery wholesalers

SpiralFashion is one of the largest European hosiery wholesalers for fashion tights, stockings and leggings on competitive prices. We are the producers and the distributors of all the featured producs and we offer great discount hosiery wholesale prices for quantities. We are an European Union based fashion hosiery manufacturer and we supply hosiery wholesalers directly online from our sophisticated online commerce platforms. Contact us for more information today.


Men and women socks with grat quality from SpiralFashion. We offer wide assortiment of men sock and women socks at affordable prices. From now you can purchase also stockings, knee high socks, over knee socks, hold ups, ankle highs and Silicone lace stockings.

Special Hoisery

For our special line hoisery, we can offer to you bodystockings and maternity hoisery.Our leggings collection inculdes, footles hoisery tights, fashion leggings and men leggings.

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