Бодилайн - Оформящ Талията Чорапогащник
Бодилайн - Оформящ Талията Чорапогащник

Shaping Tights Body Line 20Den

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Brand: Tim Legwear

Body-Line are control top shaping tights. These extra firm spandex control top tights are designed to shape your body and make your figure even smoother because of the control top slim effect and the control top feature.

  • Panti band
  • Made of 90 Den Polyamide/microfiber/ and Elastan
  • 40 Denier and 20 Denier Sheer Tights
  • Reinforced toe for more protection
  • Vanilla Aroma
  • Envelope Package
  • Content: 84% Polyamide 6.6, 15% Elastan, 1% cotton

Product code: 0282

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