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Логота на топ български производителиSpiralFashion.com is one of the largest European online stores that provide clothes produced in the European Union. SpiralFashion is owned by Spirala Ltd. and Tim Ltd. - European manufacturers and retailers of clothes, hosiery and underwear.

Spiral Ltd. History

2011 | The European version of the online store is launched.
2010 | The wholesale online shop starts operation.
2009 | SpiralFashion.com started operation.
| An agreement with TIM Ltd. is established for the new e-commerce project.
| Spirala expands it's chain of stores.
| Spirala starts it's own production line in Eastern Europe.
| Spirala Ltd. starts as a clothing distributor of clothes in Eastern Europe.

Tim Ltd. History

2011 | TIM enters sucessfuly the European market with the new EU cloting store.
| TIM introduces it's US brand LegsArt.
2008 | Spiral and TIM sign their e-commerce cooperation agreement.
2004 | TIM opens it's fist corporate website.
1993 | TIM builds it's first hosiery factory in Bulgaria, Europe.

Company information

Spirala Ltd.
Vat number: BG117045225
Registered in Bulgaria.
Phone: +359 887 259 649
Address: 1 Gorazd str.
Borovo 7174,
Bulgaria, Europe
Email: info@spiralfashion.com

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