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Луксозен Дамски Клин Бътърфлай Luxury Fashion Leggings Butterfly

Luxury Fashion Leggings Butterfly

19.20 €

Brand: Tim Legwear

The Butterfly pattern Luxury Fashion Footless Tights are very well accepted by our clients. It is produced as footless tights, knee-high and short stockings in several different color combinations. These butterflies fashion leggings are made to fit the leg perfectly and the fashion finish makes these glamourous Luxury Fashion Footless Tights even more preferred by the women all over Europe and USA.

  • Pattern of butterflies
  • Low waist with T-band for comfort and look
  • Elastan for extra strength
  • Vanilla Aroma
  • Envelope Package
  • Material: 77% Polyamide 6.6, 15% Elastan, 5% Polypropilen, 3% Cotton.

Product code: 0342

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