Луксозен Фигурален Дамски Клин Роял
Луксозен Фигурален Дамски Клин Роял

Luxury Figured Footless Tights Royal 70Den

14.90 €

Brand: Tim Legwear

Produced in a wide variety of patterns and design, these 70 den leggings will provide the warmth and design your body desire. The adjustable end comfort band will give you the abillity to change your look as you desire and keep with the latest fashion trends. The addiditonal silicone softener treatment gives that soft touch and the magnificent vanilla aroma.

  • Adjustable length and wide elastic band.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Content: 85 % Polyamide (Microfiber) 6.6, 15 % Elastan.

Product code: 0540

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