Луксозен Дамски Клин Блуум
Луксозен Дамски Клин Блуум Women Luxury Figured Footless Tights Bloom

Women Luxury Figured Footless Tights Bloom

13.90 €

Brand: Tim Legwear

Bloom are figured footless tights - a fashion revolution. One of the first of its kind, the fashion leggings correspond to the latest hosiery fashion trends. The pattern is produced as knee-high stockings too.

  • Low waist with T-band for comfort and look
  • Footless finish
  • Elastan for extra strength
  • Vanilla Aroma
  • Envelope Package
  • Content: 77% Polyamide 6.6, 15% Elastan, 5% Polypropilen, 3% Cotton.

Product code: 0352

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